Program Itinerary




Depart from TORONTO TO JEDDAH (Please Arrive at airport 4 hours prior to departure)

Special Note

Please before you leave from home check passport, Ticket, Vaccine Card, Hajj Draft, Money to carry.


Arrive in Jeddah finish all procedure then Depart for MAKKAH by coach
Arrive in Makkah and perform Umrah – TAKE OFF EHRAAM – Stay in Makkah until 7 Zulhijjah – Breakfast and Dinner will be served daily Open Buffet Breakfast – 07:00 am To 09:00, Dinner  After Isha Salat – Until 10:00pm

Date To Be Announced

Ziyarah to Historical and Religious places in MAKKAH after SALATUL FAZAR by private coach. (07:00 am to 11:00am approx.) Date and time to be confirmed upon Arrival in Makkah
Sightseeing in Makkah "Mazarat" 
(Mazaraat) in Makkah including Jabal Al Noor (where the cave of Hira is located), Mena Muzdalifah, Arafat including Jabal Al Rahmah (the mountain of Mercy in Arafat), Cave of Thaur (where the Prophet, may the peace & blessing of Allah be upon him hide from his enemies during migration to Madinah) and Jannat Al Mualla (cemetery in Makkah where Khadija, may Allah be pleased with her) and many scholars are buried.

AUG 18/19/20, DAY 07 Zul-Hujjah 1439

PUT ON EHRAAM in Hotel and Get ready for five days of HAJJ – Depart for MINA after SALATUL ESHAA by Coach (Take your Bedding with you, please avoid any heavy luggage) (Sleeping bag must need) 

AUG- 19/20/21  08 Zul-Hijjah 1439

Stay in MINA in Air Condition Tents – Keep yourself busy in Astagfaar, Darood, Zikr and Recitation of QURAN. Break fast,  Lunch and Dinner will be served.

AUG 20/21/22 09 Zul-Hijjah 1439 ARAFAT /The Day of HAJJ

Depart for ARAFAAT at 08:00 am approx. by A/C Coach – After arriving in ARAFAT take some rest then lunch will be served before zawal time so you can make yourself ready for Arafaat day. Make Zikr and Duaa in standing position if possible until Sunset –After Sunset Then proceed to MUZDALIFAH and stay there until Sun Rise. There will be duwa in group by our schollered Aalim. Pick up 70 pebbles for Shaytaan. 

AUG 21/22/23, DAY 10 Zul-Hijjah 1439  Return to MINA have some rest then in group we are going by walk to Pelt the big Shaytaan only then going Makkah Hotel and wating for Zabiha (Qurbani) (Sacrifice) to be done when you get informed zabiha done then Shave or Cut Hair then TAKE OFF EHRAAM. After some rest go as family or small group your own for Haram Sharif for Tawaf-e-Ziyarah as soon as you finish go back to MINA
Stay in MINA (Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner will be served.)

AUG 22/23/24, DAY 11 Zul-Hijjah 1439

Pelt all three Shaytaan after SALATUL ZUHR.
Stay in MINA (Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner will be served)

AUG 23/24/25, DAY 12 Zul-Hijjah 1439

Pelt all three Shaytaan.
Return to MAKKAH and stay in MAKKAH 2 Night.

AUG 24/25/26, DAY 13 Zul hijjah 1439

Stay in Makkah and finish Tawaf ul Wida and pack up your luggage for Medinah.
We will collect all luggage night 11 pm for medinah.

AUG 25/26/27, DAY 14 Zul-Hijjah1439

Depart for MADINAH after SALATUL Fajar aprox 10am  by A/C private Coach

AUG 25/26/27, DAY 14 Zul-Hijjah  1439

Arrive in MADINAH – Stay until  YOUR DEPARTURE DATE (One Day plus minus) Breakfast, &  Dinner will be served daily at same timing as above.Breakfast – 07:00 am To 09:00, Dinner After Isha Salat – Until 10:00pm.

Date To Be Announced


Ziyarah to Historical and Religious places in MADINAH after SALATUL FAZAR by private coach. (07:00 am to 11:00am approx.)
Date and timing to be confirmed upon arrival in Madinah
1. Jannatul Baqi (Cemetery in Medina)
2. Masjid Quba - First mosque of Islam.
3. Masjid Qiblatayn (the mosque of two qiblas)
4. The Dates Market
5. Ohud Mountain (Where the great battle of Ohud took place)
6. Some other Masjid while on way.


Departure from Medinah to Jeddah by coach as your departure timing. If your flight from medinah then go to medinah airport.


Arrive  JEDDAH Airport, collect your luggage and passport and proceed to check in counter.